In harmony with nature — Rogner Bad Blumau

That’s the core idea of the outstanding Austrian architect Hundertwasser, which he realized to its full in the amazing thermal resort Bad Blumau, where the magic architecture and design is combined with the luxury thermal and spa world.

The architecture of the thermal resort contains no straight lines or similarly straight windows, symbolizing the unity of a man with nature. Hundertwasser believed that the worst thing people can do is to live in the buildings which all look the same, like grey concrete boxes. «Every resident has the right to look out of his window and paint it or modify the wall around it,» – the artist wrote. His concept of the ideal home — it’s non-linear multi-dimensional space, the realm of streamlined forms and the lack of strict geometrical forms. Thus, Hundertwasser attempted to free people from linear thinking, trying to teach them the freedom of expression, to inspire people with the idea of ​​transforming the world and the responsibility of each of us of the future of the world in which we live.

The thermal resort Rogner Bad Blumau is located between Vienna and Graz, in the centre of the thermal springs of the Styria region. It occupies about 1,600sq.m. water area, including a pool, a Jacuzzi, a children’s pool and a bath for babies, a solarium, a room for gymnastics and a gym. Three outdoor swimming pools: a thermal water pool (t ° = 36 ° C) with cascades and hydro-massage, a fresh water pool (t ° = 26-28 ° C), and the third pool with waves (depth 180 cm) for 15 minutes each hour. The resort offers a plenty of medical procedures: massages, lymphatic drainage, milk baths, herbal, salt, chiropractic therapy, diet treatment, mud wraps, all kinds of medical cosmetics, special health courses and programs. The hotel is a perfect place for those busy working professionals who feel tired and need relaxation. It’s an ideal place for both single people, and couples who want to escape from the hectic city lifestyle and regain strength and vitality. The main focus here is to give the quests a complete freedom, a sense of unity with nature, complete relaxation and privacy. Here everything is designed for enjoyment, including the magical architecture by Hundertwasser. The hotel is similar to an unusual fairy-tale castle, painted in the spirit of children’s drawings, without any symmetrical lines or right angles. The hotel is a wonderful place to regain the physical tone and revitalise. This is a true fairy tale place, which everyone is willing to return to again and again. Even a few days in this magical world is quite enough to forget about the everyday troubles, gain strength and experience new sensations. Indeed, Hundertwasser was right when he remarked, «a person should be able to leave his box,» and get rid of the grey everyday routine, to arrange a true fairy tale!