Choupette in Switzerland has won the hearts of Italian and British fashion-lovers!

The recent Grand Opening of the Choupette boutique in Switzerland, which has hospitably opened its doors at Rue de la Corraterie 24 in Genève, was truly fabulous.

The new store showcases the brand’s full range of products, including the adorable sleep nests and special kits for newborns, the beautiful girls dresses and stylish three-pieces boys sets for the school formals. Even the most discerning parents will find here everything they need for their dearest ones, right from the birth to the school proms and balls.

«A particular delight and admiration of Choupette’s products was expressed by our Italian and British guests, — says the director of the Choupette boutique in Switzerland Ksenia Sesko, — They were so excited and didn’t stop telling that they had never seen such beauty anywhere else!»

In addition to the amazing fashion relax atmosphere, all the boutique’s guests were greeted with designer gourmet pastries, excellent music, cooking master-classes, as well as multicolored balloons for children.

The wonderful carousel, completely new display equipment for Europe, which housed amazingly delicate and airy pieces from the new collections, was another exciting surprise for Choupette’s fans.

«The carousel attracted so much attention, was so enjoyable and turning round so powerfully, that we thought it would take to the air!» — says Ksenia Sesco.

As for the future plans, the new boutique is also expecting a new line of the branded shoes, so the Swiss clients will soon be able to dress their children in Choupette total look.

Choupette: the best moments of our lives!

About Choupette

Choupette is a well established brand featuring amazingly beautiful children clothes, sleep nests and outfits for newborns, baptismal clothing, children’s underwear, bedding linens, as well as luxurious furniture and accessories for children’s bedrooms.

Committed to moms, dads and babies alike, it is a manufacturer, a wholesaler and a retail company with flagship stores located in Moscow, over 80 franchise stores found in Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Los Angeles (USA), now also in Geneva, and planning to open a store in Dubai.

Luxurious Choupette boutiques offer fabulous atmosphere and outstanding service, making for an ideal shopping experience for loving parents.

Choupette’s current product range estimates to more than 400 items, including apparel, bed linens, knitted items, hosiery, as well as hand-made furniture for the baby’s bedroom.

Customers looking for something special for their adorable little princes and princesses find a very wide range of quality clothes for infants and children from birth to school years. Seasonal collections, complemented by capsule thematic ones, with the original designs and beautiful textures, provide perfect attire for mini-fashionistas.

European fabrics and accessories combined with Made in Russia production as a great alternative to Asian manufacturers wins Choupette many loyal clients. Based in Moscow, Choupette design studio works in cooperation with the New York based fashion agency, thus making sure the collections meet the fashion trends and the premium standards.

The fans of the brand can be found not only among celebrities and movie stars, but among upper and middle class families, as well as a wider clientele who values quality and beauty and wants the very best for their babies and toddlers.

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