Filippo Gabriele’s Luxury Shoes:

Interview with the designer Alessandra Tonelli and the entrepreneur Filippo Gabriele Maria Guidotti

Filippo Gabriele is an exclusive brand of Italian Luxury Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s Shoes, expression of elegance and tradition of the design Made in Italy.
The brand creates high level shoes. The careful design research and the manufacture of high-quality materials transform each model in a unique creation.

A female name characterizes each shoe, so every piece tells a story of every woman that wears and becomes an irresistible seductive weapon.
Thanks to the experience and the professionalism of the two founders, Filippo Gabriele is already a reference point in the Italian and International fashion system. The collections underline the value of Made in Italy manufacture, where class, design and a touch of «madness» merge to offer an exclusive product.

Designer Alessandra Tonelli

How did the brand Filippo Gabriele start?

It was born in Milan from the creative fusion of two strong personalities, the designer Alessandra Tonelli and the entrepreneur Filippo Gabriele Maria Guidotti.

What is the philosophy of the brand? What is the signature style of the brand?

The philosophy of the brand is “…Shoe tells our history and says about us…”. Each its model has a woman’s name and tells her story. The style is bring out the beauty, personality and sensuality that is in every woman.

Who is the woman behind the brand? Who are your fashion icons?

Alessandra Tonelli, is the designer and founder of the brand. Not just shoes but precious objects, expressions of her personality and experience in the fashion world, that she gained moving to New York, London, Paris and Milan. Style and eclecticism make the collections of Filippo Gabriele unique, eccentric and impacting. The creative mind of Alessandra Tonelli is inspired by the details of life, combined with different art styles and needs, attention to details, choice of materials and original color combinations.

The fashion icons, for Alessandra, are: Jackie Kennedy as a historical and Victoria Beckham as a contemporary Icon.

«Style and eclecticism make the collections of Filippo Gabriele unique, eccentric and impacting»

How would you describe the brand in 3 words?

The brand represents the luxury and the modern elegance with the audacity of its designer.

Filippo Gabriele, «Svetlana Gold»

Could you name other designers who have influenced you or those whose work you admire most?

Two designers inspire my work: The elegance of Walter Albini as an Italian designer; and the eccentric ispiration of Alexander McQueen.

Where do you find inspiration? What inspires you to create new shoe models and collections?

I find my own inspiration in the air that I breath. I am a very creative person and I have my own world made of positive vibrations and philosophicals. I am inspired by the femininity of the woman, in each phase of her life, whether they are mothers, models or managers. A woman must wear Filippo Gabriele shoes in every big occasion without forgetting the irony in it.

What is the most enjoyable thing in your work?

The most funny part of my work is the design and style. To see my model realized it’s like to see a creature being born. I have a tireless creativity as I know how to recognize the beauty. The beauty in broad sense of anything. As a great estehete I can honestly say that mine are the most beautiful shoes in the world.

«I am inspired by the femininity of the woman, in each phase of her life, whether they are mothers, models or managers»

What are the must-have models of shoes for every woman? What is your personal favourite model of shoes?

Surely our High Heels models are the result of a thourough research in style, with the application of Swarovski diamonds, shoes that enhance the beauty of every woman triggering her legs giving her an innnocent sensuality. I like the woman with a firm step and sophisticated, even a bit of a “femme fatal“. Filippo Gabriele represents alo the craftmanship and the great Italian manufacturing experience that since always have been considered in a world of values of undisputed excellence. As the Italian culture for the art my favourite model is the boot made with over 300 Swarovski Diamonds that brings the name of Alessandra.

Filippo Gabriele, «Angelica Gold»

Why do you think shoes are such essential fashion accessory?

Because the shoe speaks of us and tells us who we are, whether is morning, afternoon or evening. The shoe perfectly describes our personality and character. I don’t want to take myself too seriously.

What is/was the most challenging part in the business?

The most challenging part of the industry is the distribution of the product and the expansion of the brand.

What has been the highlight of your brand or the biggest success so far?

The highlight was the opening of the first store in Milan, elegant and eccentric as the designer Alessandra Tonelli, and made of light and mirrors. The store is a concept of the universe of modern luxury. Very Important also is the openings of the first franchised stores in China.

«The shoe perfectly describes our personality and character»

Could you, please, describe the process of creating your shoes?

I start with the design of the model, to continue with the construction of the first prototype. See realize the model is for me an inner wealth. The balance between design and prototype is a fascinating process identifier for the brand for the designer it is like giving a face and a body to an abstract thought, imagination.

Filippo Gabriele, «Elettra Red»

Who would you like most to wear your shoes?

We would really like if the Princess Kate Middletone would be wearing our shoes, as she represents the modern Princess.

What advice would you give someone willing to start his/her own business?

Thinking primarily of the identification and positioning of the brand in the market .. always thinking to the needs of the contemporary woman.

Which business leaders you look up to? Who is your inspiration?

I like the Hermes family, not being part of large groups they have been working hundred years with passion and elegance.

«Success is achieving your dream, and seeing the process of succeeding in spite of fashion change, keeping pace with the times and the market needs with the satisfaction of our customers»

What countries are your shoes available in? What are your expansion plans for the future?

China, Italy, Russia and C.S.I., Greece, Qatar, Nigeria. My expansion plan is the landing in England. I love London as a city and I remain fascinated for elegance of her beauty.

What is success, in your opinion?

Success is achieving your dream, and get to see the process of succeeding in spite of fashion change to keep pace with the times and the market need with the satisfaction of our customers.

Where can our readers buy your shoes?

Very soon, the online boutique Filippo Gabriele.

Filippo Gabriele, «Kate»

We thank Alessandra Tonelli and Filippo Gabriele Maria Guidotti for the interview. Our readers can visit Filippo Gabriele store in Milan at Via Borgospesso, 18 (corner of via Montenapoleone) and check more details at