The art of giving presents

Installation art stands apart from other art forms – it transforms the indoor or outdoor spaces and the viewer’s idea of space, taking into account their broad sensory experience, dissolving the line between life and art. Contemporary installation art is probably the most deeply interactive form of art. The most famous artists who are masters of this artistic genre are Allan Kaprow, George Sigal, Damien Hurst, Yayoi Kusama, Olafur Eliasson and others. Installation art provides the artist with complete freedom, and ordinary objects or things are used in unusual ways.

Installation can even be used in everyday life, for example, to arrange a very original and extraordinary present. Combining several objects can result in a true art-work. The installation below can serve as the main gift or as a box to carry the more precious present.

Here are several objects placed into a beautiful vintage wooden box.

The first is a leather journal with gold coating and the cover depicting three goddesses of the famous Botticelli «Spring» painting, embodying fun, joy of life, elegance and charm. The second item is the silver bookmark with a mini-sculpture of a Zodiac sign. The third object is a bronze bell, which symbolizes a guardian and friendly mascot of joy that can protect from all the trouble and bring good luck. The bell can be not only a bronze one, but also porcelain, such as Meissen Porcelain Manufactory bell. All these objects can be engraved with the initials of the person who will receive this gift. And, finally, a vintage postcard with hand-written congratulations, and a small white rose, so that its fine sweet flavor fills the box. The final touch is the parchment paper with the renowned Marcel Proust Questionnaire printed with answers, folded in the Middle Age style, with a wax seal attached. The text of the Questionnaire comes with a blank line below, so that the one who the gift is intended to, can write his or her answers there. Sure, it will be an interesting game. So the installation is ready. Or, if there is a more precious gift, it’s time to place it inside – whether it’s a piece of jewelry or any other treasured present. Now it’s a true artistic composition, where ordinary things have acquired the highly aesthetic meaning.