Luxury Silks by AMYKARINE

AMYKARINE is a new independent British label, specialising in creating unique textile designs and luxury fashion accessories. All items are limited edition pieces made of 100% natural textiles and ethically manufactured in Como following the principle of eco-sustainable production. AMYKARINE founders and designers Amy and Karine Brutijan come from a very creative family with deep artistic roots. Their collections are created using a mixture of art techniques –hand-painted and hand-drawn colourful illustrations which are then transferred onto the 100% natural carefully selected silk fabrics on a pure ecological basis.

With the sophisticated fusion of fashion and art, AMYKARINE creations unleash unexpected combinations of colours and unique designs, reflecting undeniable energy.

AMYKARINE Sea Fantasy Bright Blue, 100% Silk Twill.

AMYKARINE Sea Fantasy Aqua Blue, 100% Silk Twill.

From the beginning AMYKARINE has received a lot of attention in the press, with journalists featuring AMYKARINE collections in fashion magazines worldwide. AMYKARINE Collection of silk foulards was first exhibited at Contemporary Art and Design Fair in London and immediately gained many fans among fashion lovers. In 2014 AMYKARINE Collection was exhibited in Felicities Designer Showroom in London, receiving great interest among the British press.

In 2015 AMYKARINE introduced Men Scarves Collection entitled “Don Juan” exclusively made in Italy, which is aimed at a select clientele, who values finest natural fabrics and at the same time is willing to stand out from the crowd. The model French actress Cristina Scagliotti is the face of AMYKARINE advertising campaign.

The style of AMYKARINE can be singularly identified – exclusive design and beautiful patterns, fantastic colours, as well as hand-crafted hems mark every single piece by AMYKARINE. The artworks by AMYKARINE are beyond any national style and speak the language understood everywhere – the language of true beauty, exquisiteness and artistic creativity.

AMYKARINE Inspiration Blue, 100% Silk Satin.

AMYKARINE Poetry by Shelley, 100% Silk Twill.

The collection entitled “Sonnet” is inspired by the English Romantic poetry, lyrics by Wordsworth, Shelley and Byron, their emphasis on intuition and emotion as a source of inspiration, by their philosophical vision of love and worship of nature and its glory, by fairy tales and mystic world of fantasy animals and creatures created by artistic imagination, by all kind things, which give humans Hope and Love.

The collection is very rich in its varied color palette: it features bold and bright colours, as well as pastel colours palette. The prints are very unique and eye-catching. They reveal the main themes for AMYKARINE scarves. These are mainly ornamental prints, based on hand-drawn illustrations by the designer siblings. Also, signature AMYKARINE Monogram print in original interpretation – with the word “Love” in world languages. The collection also features abstract prints created through oil paintings by Amy and Karine. Thus, the collection reveals the signature style of AMYKARINE that flaunts stunning patterns and beautiful colours, being both timeless, classical and at the same time chic, modern and trendy.

All items are Limited edition scarves and foulards, manufactured in the legendary Como, in Italy, and come with a signature AMYKARINE packaging.

These creations can be purchased online at AMYKARINE e-boutique