RIMSKE TERME, Business Wellness Spa Resort — a luxury retreat for ultimate relaxation

Rimske Terme (Roman Spa, Business Wellness Spa Resort) is a luxurious cosmopolitan resort in Slovenia, ideal for the most discerning clientele, those who need to relax and regain vitality. The holistic atmosphere of this European Spa resort combined with the healing mineral water properties can be a miraculous escape from the everyday routine. Surrounded by lush trees and a peaceful environment, the three hotels comprising Rimske Terme — Sofijin Dvor**** Rimski Dvor**** Zdraviliški Dvor**** — offer luxury accommodation for every taste. This is a wonderful place to regain the physical tone and revitalise, a true fairy tale place, which everyone is willing to return to again and again. The owner of Rimske Terme, an exceptionally talented businessman and manager Valery Arakelov ensures: “Even a few days in this magical world is quite enough to forget about the everyday troubles, gain strength and experience new sensations.”

Rimske Terme Business Wellness Spa Resort

The healing properties of water have been known since ancient times. The great healer Hippocrates was the father of balneotherapy and hydrotherapy and recommended bathing to everyone, stating that «water is a natural cure for all diseases.» In fact, mineral springs contain so many useful minerals, such as iron, sulfur, sulfide, silver, sodium, calcium and magnesium, that they can be advisable for people of all ages.

Rimske Terme Spa resort is also an ideal place for active travellers eager to explore the beauty of Slovenia and a perfect oasis for relaxation and rejuvenating, which offers body and spirit care through the traditional and alternative therapies that use natural elements and local herbs. You can meditate in tranquil spaces and unwind through spa circuits using the pools, saunas and mineral water baths, or even in-room luxe whirlpools and saunas. Combining the wellness program with excursions to discover the culture and dramatic scenery is a recipe for the genuine pleasure and enjoyment in this inspiring and authentic place.

Thermal Water Pool at Rimske Terme Spa Resort


In the heart of the unspoiled nature, where rich history meets modern architecture, tradition tells the story of Rimske Terme. The veil of classics surrounding Rimske Terme carries an eternal grace and beauty and guides visitors straight into the spa paradise. The healing power of the thermal water from this area has been worshiped from as long ago as during the Roman period, when the Ancient Romans also built the first baths. During the construction many marble monuments were found, four of those dedicated to the nymphs and goddess of health Valetuda. They were donated by the ancient guests that got their health back in the Spa. In year 1486 the Spa first got mentioned in the Aquileia document, at that time it was in the hands of Habsburgs.

The modern history and the success of Rimske Terme began in 1840, when Adolf Uhlich recovered his health with the help of the local thermal water’s beneficial effects. The list of the distinguished guests that have visited Rimske Terme over the years proudly displays such names as Victoria, the English Princess and the Prussian Heiress apparent to the throne, Napoleons sister — the Princess Murat, Franz Grillparzer, the Emperor Ferdinand, the Archduke John and many others. Rimske Terme is a true luxury resort with a diverse offer of wellness services and other pampering, committed to the mission to fully complete the customer satisfaction.

The historic part of Rimske Terme – the Baths of Water Nymphs

Thermal water

The thermal water of Rimske Terme coming from the depth of the two Springs – Spring of Amalija and the Roman Spring, is proven by research to be one of the richest in Slovenia in terms of the content of chemical elements that have healing effect on the human body. Rich in many beneficial minerals, it also has exceptional bathing qualities. It is proven to help treating orthopedic and rheumatic diseases, gynecological and neurological conditions, skin disorders, pulmonary, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. The stimulating environment in which the spa is located, the crystal clean air and fairy-tale landscape of unspoiled forests also contributes beneficially to a person’s well-being. Guests of Rimske Terme are rewarded with health, wellbeing, and true relaxation. Rimske Terme is an ideal place for those who are wiling to get rid of fatigue and stress, fill their lives with positive energy, balance their body and mind and start living in harmony.

Thermal Baths

Health and Wellness

The wellness centre Amalija offers sensual relaxation and hedonistic experience in an intimate atmosphere. With its many saunas, the pool with the healing powers of the natural mineral water, a modern equipped gym Spartak, and various beauty treatments for face and body, including special massages and anti-cellulite treatments, it contributes to genuine healthiness and pure sense of personal satisfaction.

The historic part of Rimske Terme, the ancient temple reigned by water nymphs named the Baths of Water Nymphs was revived and now provides unforgettable experience. Guests can enjoy relaxation in 4 authentic stone baths and 6 modern baths, which are aimed at pampering for two. The miraculous healing effect of the thermal water helps regain energy, the wonderful ambient and fragrant essential oils add an even more sensual experience that takes to another world. It’s no surprise that this experience at Rimske Terme is considered a luxury gift to be presented to friends or business partners.

The Medical centre Valetuda, named after the Roman goddess of health Valetudo, spreads over 800 square meters and is suitable for guests who come to spa treatments to recover from illnesses and injuries. To achieve the highest standards of the medical centre, the employed team of professionals helps their patients at their best. Each of the visitors of the centre is facing different problems, the treatment starts with a professional conversation with qualified and friendly professionals. With this method the Roman Spa achieves the best possible quality of service. Medical Center Valetuda offers various options of rehabilitation: rehabilitation pool, Hubbard tub, hydrotherapy massage tubs, thermo-therapy with fango mud wraps, laser therapy, massages, electrotherapy and magneto therapy, and physiotherapy.

Business Tourism

Rimske Terme is a perfect venue for all types of business meetings and events. It offers you modern equipped facilities with the latest audio/video technique aimed at conferences, consultation, seminars, trainings, meetings, receptions, social events, exhibitions, fashion magazines and solemn banquets. The Congress Centre is located at the hotel Rimski Dvor****, consisting of five modern designed function rooms that are suitable for one-day or multi-day meetings. Business meetings can be enhanced by wellness facilities, fine dining or visiting cultural attractions in the area, thus meeting the demands of most sophisticated business visitors.

A Meeting Room at the Congress Centre Rimske Terme

Culinary delights

Excellent cuisine is also part of the rich offering of the Roman Spa, to be surely fascinated by the most demanding gastronomes. Chefs provide a unique pampering of taste buds with different specialties, with a specially prepared food they will satisfy most secret desires and provide an unforgettable culinary experience. Top gourmet experience can be enjoyed in the A la carte restaurant in Sofijin Dvor, where guests can enjoy the culinary delights and house specialties, in the restaurant Ferdinand with a buffet, which is tailored to fans of choice, which like to taste more different dishes and at the cafe Princess Victoria, where you can try the original water nymphs tea, Roman Malzum wine, great coffee and other hot and cold drinks and top desserts.

A la carte restaurant at Sofijin Dvor

Active holidays

Rimske Terme, surrounded by beautiful nature and picturesque views, offers a variety of opportunities for hiking, river-rafting and sightseeing. It is advisable to pay an unforgettable visit to the surrounding peaks, such as Lisca, Kopitnik Rift and Šmohor. They offer a breath-taking view of the surrounding area, which will certainly imprint in memory. Local cultural attractions — Lourdes church and the home Anton Askerc – are also worth visiting. The church of Lourdes Mother of God, with stones from the cave in Lourdes built into its walls, dates back to 1886. The home of the prominent Slovenian poet Anton Aškerc still tells us a story of various historic events.

Another unforgettable experiences are rafting on the river Sava, sightseeing in the Radeče city, visiting Laško, seeing the 13th century castle Tabor. There is also an option of renting a bike and equipment and exploring the surroundings on a bike. The Roman Spa also recommends its guest willing to enjoy the nature in the vicinity of the hotel, to visit the Spa Park with its Russian path, where the energy can be refilled at unique energy points.

Rimske Terme — a gem in the midst of Slovenian hills

An attractive geographical location, natural beauty, rich history and cultural heritage, the healing thermal water and luxury hotel and spa facilities of Rimske Terme Spa Resort meet the demands of the most sophisticated visitors and provide a true relaxing and revitalising escape, which makes everyone seek to return here again and again.

Check for detailed information about recent offers and packages at Rimske Terme Resort and book your trip here: www.rimske-terme.si/en

Photo Credit: Rimske Terme Business Welness Spa Resort