Spa resort: Tierra Atacama

Thalassotherapy, the Greek word meaning «the treatment of the sea», also has a wide range of effects on the body: it removes toxins from the body, fights cellulite, relieves stress and fatigue, pain in muscles and joints, improves blood circulation, contributes to weight loss, accelerates recovery of damaged tissues, detoxifies, relaxes muscles, strengthens the skin.

Useful for the health and appearance, thalassotherapy has not only medical, but also a strong psychological effect. Travelling to the seaside, swimming in the ocean water and breathing the marine air is very refreshing, healing and beneficial for our vitality and immunity.

Though the variety and luxury of the European Spa resorts can satisfy the most discerning clientele, there are other exotic places, which deserve to be visited. Tierra Atacama Hotel Boutique & Spa, the Chile’s Leading Spa Resort, is certainly one of them. It’s an ideal place for adventurous travellers eager to explore the beauty of Chile. Situated in the desert, it’s a perfect oasis for relaxation and rejuvenating, which offers body and spirit care through the traditional and alternative therapies that use natural elements such as volcanic hot stones, local white clay, and lithium rich salt and local herbs. You can meditate in tranquil spaces and unwind through spa circuits using the pools, saunas and hot tubs, or even in-room luxe baths with goat’s milk, with mint, rose or cocoa. Combining the wellness program with excursions to discover the culture, wildlife and dramatic scenery is a recipe for the genuine pleasure and enjoyment in this inspiring and authentic place.